Extend the life of your equipment with our biomedical repair services

Infusion pumps represent a significant investment for your healthcare facility. Keeping them running efficiently is critical to operations and ensuring the best possible patient care.   

Let us support you through our expert maintenance program and repair services. We can provide the regular maintenance that helps ensure your infusion pumps operate reliably to OEM guidelines, with minimal downtime. If you experience an equipment malfunction, we will get your pumps back to patient-ready quickly and easily.  

We service a variety of infusion pump makes and models. Our certified biomedical technicians have been trained by each infusion pump manufacturer, and we warrant our repairs for one year.

Why preventive maintenance is important

Taking proper care of your equipment has a host of benefits: 

  • Patient safety

The safety and well-being of your patients is the core of your commitment and paramount to the success of your business. Properly functioning equipment limits potential harm caused by inaccurate readings or improper medication delivery.  

  • Machine efficiency

Normal wear and tear lowers your equipment’s efficiency. Preventive maintenance ensures peak performance, optimizing operation and maximizing the life of the asset.  

  • Saves time

Preventive maintenance takes less time than emergency repairs. A scheduled preventive maintenance plan may cause a little inconvenience for your office or facility, but this is minor compared to the actual downtime resulting from equipment failure. With our maintenance plan, you choose the optimal time to have the work done.  

  • Saves money

Spending a small amount now to maintain your equipment can save your having to pay more for expensive repairs down the road. Because the maintenance is conducted on your schedule, you can select a time with lower patient census or when your facility is closed to minimize loss of income.  

Ready to set up a maintenance program, or need a repair?

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