Our Warranty

United Infusion has a standard one-year warranty period from the date of original shipment to the date the product is received by United Infusion for service.

The standard warranty covers repairs related to the original services performed. A warranty covers only products used under specified conditions as described by the manufacturer. United Infusion repair and refurbishment services are based on tests performed as per OEM specifications. If warranty stickers appear to be tampered with or removed upon arrival of any warranty claim, the warranty will be void.

United Infusion will assess the nature of the problem and evaluate the warranty or return only if it is deemed that the part was incorrectly shipped and/or has functional issues that have not been caused by improper handling or improper installation. Evaluation will be completed by United Infusion following RMA return. Any repair or replacement, as stated above, shall be the sole warranty of the purchaser, and it shall not include charges for transportation, installation, labor, or any other charges; nor does it cover equipment from another manufacturer used with the United Infusion product.