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Refurbished Curlin 6000 CMS Infusion Pump

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The Curlin 6000 CMS is an easy-to-use infusion pump that features Curlin's Information on Demand (IOD) capabilities that allow quick and convenient access to key infusion parameters at any time. The 6000 has integral free-flow protection with upstream occlusion detection and rapid priming increasing patient safety and accuracy of infusion. This pump uses 5 therapy modes including: Continuous Infusion, Intermittent Infusion, Ramp/Taper mode, PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) and Epidural. The Curlin 6000 features a large visible screen and easy-to-use keypad to help patients follow their providers instruction. The IOD features provide immediate access to critical therapy data and shift totals without stopping the infusion.

- Fully Refurbished
- 1-Year Warranty

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